polly pocket

How do you tell your best friend you're in love with them?

Director | Maria Corso 

Starring Veronica Maccari & Ariana Gonzalez

Director of Photography | Jacob Laureanti

Executive Producer | Nicole Campbell

Editor | Gretty Camaraza

Written By Veronica Maccari

Winner | Best Woman Filmmaker-The Best Shorts Competition, Honorable Mention, Best Actress in an Indie-Los Angeles Film Awards, Emerging Artist Award-Kaleidoscope LGBTQ+ Film Festival

Official Selection | First Time Filmmakers Session, The Liftoff Sessions, Northeast Film Festival, Short+ Sweet Film Festival Hollywood, Corti in Cortile Festival, Indie Short Fest, Aphrodite Film Awards, Florence Film Awards, Kaleidoscope LGBTQ+ Film Festival, Phlegraean Film Festival, Rieti & Sabina Film Festival

Finalist | Aphrodite Film Awards, Semi Finalist | Directed by Women NYC Shorts of All Sorts


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me again

After suffering a tragedy that causes the disintegration of her family, a woman must learn how to rebuild her life in order to rediscover who she is.

Director | Maria Corso 

Starring Margo Rowder

Director of Photography | Laura Jansen  

Executive Producer | Emily Keaney 

Executive Producer | Nicole Campbell

Editor | Gretty Camaraza

Official Selection | Female Filmmakers Fuse Film Festival, First Time Filmmaker Sessions, Direct Monthly Online Film Festival

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